Friday, May 7, 2010


Well Done!

It's been a while since I posted here...mainly because things have been going very well! Our WALPURGISNACHT special event went more smoothly than almost any other event I've been involved in. Eric Moscon's Germanic Heathen Ritual was amazing, as was the mood of wild abandon that followed. I was greatly pleased to perform in ritual on a Pagan holiday once again, and I am planning more rituals of this nature in the future as well as other types of performance acts, for more SHADOWLANDS in association with ABSOLUTION. I was so cheered to see the people who showed up dressing and feeling as they have in the past- secure in the feeling that our space is sacred, hallowed and a true "between the worlds" meeting place- a place that is not a place, a time that is not a time, a day that is not a day.

Our weekly ABSOLUTION is going strong, with more opportunities to have the entire club UC87 upon us now. Friday June 24th will be the 12th Year Anniversary of ABSOLUTION on both floors of UC87, making it one of the oldest running events in the city, if not THE oldest running event. It's certainly the oldest Weekly event in NYC. Not only that, WALPURGISNACHT was the first time ABSOLUTION or almost any night enjoyed two floors in a very long time.

The three weekly events of NYC- DARK WATER Tuesday at Ottos Shrunken Head, ABSOLUTION Friday at UC87, and DEFCON Saturday at The Pyramid- have all become populated and wonderful. I now feel like I live in a city where a purchase from Gothic Rennaissance, Trash and Vaudeville or Purple Passion would not be wasted, sitting in a closet only to be brought out once or twice a month. Parties that you can rely on and reliably put into your schedule without thinking about it are where the real heart of the Goth/Industrial Scene(or any scene) beats.