Thursday, October 15, 2020

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"...In a way, the world-view of the Party imposed itself most successfully on people incapable of understanding it. They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening. By lack of understanding they remained sane. They simply swallowed everything, and what they swallowed did them no harm, because it left no residue behind, just as a grain of corn will pass undigested through the body of a bird..."

1984 - George Orwell

Recognizing Unsafe Social Dynamics, Toxic Audiences and Corrupt/Uncaring Administration Early and Heading It Off At The Pass - Several Scenarios


Katie loves popular music and fashion. She talks to the popular crowd at her high school and isn’t one of the Most popular girls but she is in what is considered a “good” group. Lately some incidents have been troubling her. A girl she had been friendly with had a disagreement with one of the more popular girls at school. In about 2 weeks, the girl was accused of being a “racist” because of something ambiguous she said. It was clear that she didn’t mean what she said to come out sounding “racist”. She was socially ripped to shreds and “cancelled”, which means nobody in the top level groups was “allowed” to speak to her any more. The girl was harassed on social media and had to place blocks on half the people she had considered friends at school. And she had to switch a couple of her classes due to harassment. The school administration didn’t do much to try to help her other than switch a couple of her classes. She was now harassed in the hallway of the school during classes and it was clear she was having a very hard time. Her popular boyfriend broke up with her and she had a completely different and much harder life than she had before her “cancelling”, and went through a life crisis. Katie knew something was wrong with what she had just witnessed. She confided in her mom, who confirmed that her school had become a Socially Dangerous environment and that the school administration was allowing it. Katie had to watch what she said near the accusatory girl and her “inner circle”. She could see they had enjoyed destroying the other girl and were looking for a new victim. Katie’s mother helped Katie pick a new school to go to, and agreed to help her get to the new location every morning. Katie told all her friends at her previous school that her new school had programs she needed to prepare her better for college. She started the new school mid year. The new high school had a better culture than her previous school and she was easily able to make friends. In a few months she was able to become one of the most popular girls at her school.


Dennis is employed by a research firm. He is trying to climb the corporate ladder. He witnessed some behavior at his job that put him ill at ease. A high achieving employee was accused of social violations and penalized by the company’s HR Department, after threatening someone else’s’ job with the good job he was doing. Everyone on his floor was subtly warned “not to achieve too much” or “they could be next”. Dennis spoke to his counselor about what had happened at work. His counselor agreed that his job was an unsafe social environment for him to be in. He began finding out about other positions available in his field. Within 6 months he had successfully submitted an application to another available position and left the first firm. He was able to advance his career and get several promotions as a result.


Leanne was a socially active person at a medium sized college. She had come from a bad family in which there had been abuse, and wanted to reinvent her life and make the world a better place. She joined a group of “Social Justice Warriors” on campus and wanted to change the world so that nobody else could be abused the way she had been in her home. Her SWJ group “called out” several people on campus and created the “canceling” of several students and a teacher, who was forced to leave his position. It seemed like she was doing a lot of great work with her group of friends, and she loved it. Then Leanne was given a high profile interview by a local magazine that featured her picture and a video of the interview. One of the other women in her SJW group became jealous of Leanne’s new social status. Leanne was set up by this woman to look as though she had committed a “racist” crime. This is called “staging”. Although she had a strong history as an SJW and had participated in the Cancelling of others, this did not save her from being Cancelled herself. Leanne had never realized the importance of counseling and did not have any advisors to warn her that if she got too close to a group that was Cancelling others, and she achieved too much status in that group, she could be Canceled herself. The administration of the college did nothing to help Leanne and neither did her SJW friends. She was almost expelled and blocked from being on campus, hindering her ability to complete her PhD Dissertation. She ended up in great debt for her education with an incomplete PhD as a result, and denounced as a Racist on several TV programs after having fought racism for years as an SJW.


Shawn is a writer who writes for several popular TV shows and also sells screenplays to movie producers. He delved into “cult” audiences and wrote some Fantasy/Sci Fi stories for the “Sci/Fi” crowd. Lately, the “Sci/Fi” crowd has been gaining traction on Social Media. As a group they started trying to control the scripts of movies and randomly denouncing certain characters and scenarios in the story as “not socially acceptable”. They wanted people cast in roles where they clearly did not fit (bad casting) and tried to force the production company and writers to comply. Shawn and the other writers and producers had a meeting and decided that the brand had attracted a Toxic Audience. They discussed the fact that the brand was no longer viable due to the toxic audience it had attracted and should be shelved or sold, and new shows should be created. They all were in agreement that although the brand made money, toxic audiences could create bad social situations for actors careers and others who were the “face” of the brand, and the quality of the product and their work and reputation in the field could be compromised and reduced as a result of the audience collectively pressuring the writers and production company. And this would compromise their careers. They discussed strategies to avoid toxic audiences in the future and ideas for new shows that would tap into a new audiences and other sectors of the population. Research funds were allocated to detecting which audiences contained the most “toxicity” so they could be avoided in the future.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

TOXIC PC CULTURE - The Sorry State Of Scarcity Culture (Cluster B Disorders In Our Midst)

“Cluster B personality disorders are characterized by manipulative,
secretive and sometimes dramatic, overly emotional or unpredictable
thinking or behavior, used to manipulate and control others. They do
not feel ordinary emotions such as love or friendship, but only a sense
of pleasure when they are harming or destroying which is called
“Narcissistic Supply”. The Cluster B spectrum includes antisocial
personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic
personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.”
As the seemingly Never-Ending Recession or period of Scarcity grinds
on in the USA, bringing out the worst in people who were previously
too busy getting their groove on to think about disagreeing with one
another (let alone the sheer Hatred that seems to have erupted from
every walk of life toward one another), one cannot help but notice that
the very worst and core perpetrators and enablers of these waves of
social Hysteria all seem to be teetering on the brink of sanity behind
a poorly maintained mask of Virtue and Magnanimity. The mental
Disease of Narcissism runs rampant through our culture like a fetid
Tornado, destroying lives, families, works of Art, Music, cities, events,
tolerance and goodwill towards fellow citizens....everything. Anything.
A group of Narcissists (Narcs for short) is like a Sleeper Cell. They
appear normal for a WHILE (long enough to get in the door of
organizations, groups, companies, apartment buildings, social strata,
etc anywhere people are organized into a group) but somehow, terribly,
unbeknownst to the Greater Society - somewhere along the line,
usually beginning in Childhood, they have been programmed to
Destroy. The Narc Binary Relationship seems to be one Alpha Narc
and many Beta Narcs that can be activated by any Alpha Narcissist
who happens to step into the picture and trigger their hidden
Histrionic, Predatory tendencies. There are waves of Hysteria that
sweep the USA and other countries for this reason, which can be
directed in this way, or that way, by these Alpha Narccissists, for
whatever reason they have - to gain wealth, harm enemies or put
them out of business, and so forth. They use these tactics to Defraud
people out of things they worked a lifetime to build - their Reputations,
Businesses, Images and Legacies - and consume them, use them and
take them for themselves. Scarcity and Abuse produce this personality
type, and due to the recent and current Recession, an entire
Generation has been marked and scarred by Cluster B traits, leading
to a very unfortunate Narcissistic Tsunami.
It is for this reason that during periods of Scarcity especially, but to be
prudent, in any Social circumstance, you must carefully Vet every
person (verb vets, vetting or vetted. (tr) mainly British to make a
prior examination and critical appraisal of (a person, document,
scheme, etc) who is allowed to work with, live with or attend any social
event, or enter your circle of contacts in any way - Always with a
watchful eye towards possible Personality Disorder. One must even
consider the social mental makeup of their groups of Fans, and take
into account who they will be attracting when designing any
Creative Work.
Where are these “sleeper cells” of dangerous Narc behavior actually
originating? Often it’s Extreme Religious Backgrounds, centered
around family or Church/Temple/Mosque etc. Survivors of abusive
Private Schools, or Religious Schools, cults, or families that were
just extremely Dysfunctional but not associated with any Religion.
Sometimes it’s extreme Scarcity or abusive tendencies in Families.
Families where one member was artificially Scapegoated and Targeted,
but other members or one member was artificially raised up and could “do no wrong” - a “Golden Child”. The Scapegoat could have been smart, intelligent, funny, all the things a person should or could be - but the Family targeted this person to never receive credit or anything good or receive love, favor, etc. The entire family unit is subjected to Complex Post Traumatic Disorder from being exposed to and witnessing this sickening behavior, which models the Narcissistic Lifestyle and sacrifices targeted individuals to it, while forcing other members to fear becoming a Target themselves unless they comply with and enable and participate in or allow the group abuse of the Target. Rampant Shaming, blame switching and mental and emotional abuse exist in these terrible homes. The products of this type of environment come to see group Hysteria as “normal” because it happened in their home, community, school or friendship group growing up. They are capable of shifting in and out of these hysterical states and destroying selected Targets during ordinary life or at school or work, or enabling this behavior, then excuse their behavior by choosing to believe it’s part of an ordinary lifestyle, when in fact it’s highly abnormal, erratic and Insane behavior ONLY practiced by Personality Disordered Individuals.
People used as Pitbulls - the more Scarcity they believe they have in their own lives, and the worse their abuse in Childhood, the more reservoirs of anger there are to tap into and unleash on unsuspecting Targets. And so you will see the most mild mannered fellow citizens such as moms, young girls, older women, meek and mild men, suddenly gnash their teeth and come forward, faces straining in a rictus of Anger, against the Target whom they formerly loved and respected or at the very least tolerated respectfully. This is all the result of systematic Narcissistic Abuse in the home, neighborhood, family and school.
It is for this reason that anyone dealing with known emotionally or mentally impaired individuals or purposefully attracting them such as any “Alt Scene”, or even just the General Public, must operate with Extreme Caution and have many safeguards in place, the equivalent or better than a Psychiatric Hospital or licensced Psychiatrist or Psychologist. They must rigerously educate themselves about the nature of those whom they are working with or for, and not be surprised when those whom they have generously donated their time and energy to, reward their efforts with the most heinous efforts to destroy them and all they have worked to build and their legacy. They must never engage in Social work of this nature expecting to receive the appreciation or justly earned rewards that they deserve for such unselfish labors - instead they must always be on guard for hysterical witch hunts against them. Even the most well meaning and mild mannered individual is not exempt from this danger. The safest place and most emotionally healthy place to be is well away from the Public, such as an Artist who only makes Public Engagements for an hour or two, before flying off to the next city - or one who creates but does not receive the Public into their personal sphere. Anyone who deals directly with the Public is in Danger.
These people are riddled with Cluster B Personality Disorders and other types of Mental disorders. They will ignore the presence of common sense and facts and participate in a shared hallucination that one individual or group is “bad and must be destroyed at all costs” and derive pleasure from the group release of Narcissistic Supply and shared unity of the Destruction - only pausing to reflect on their actions after people, structures or works of art have been seriously injured socially, physically, financially and expensive Property destroyed, Cultural Treasures harmed beyond repair. They will never understand or allow into their Conscious mind that they were in fact used as Pawns and Tools, and caused harm to their environment and themselves, impoverished themselves culturally, and removed value from their environment at the request of someone who is much worse than the target they participated in destroying - choosing instead to believe they have Uplifted themselves, although it is often painfully obvious that they Have Not. A person they will never understand or know (the Alpha Narc) was actually The Problem and the origin of the Witch Hunt - Unless a person more cool headed and logical steps into the situation and traces the origin of the Hysteria and Witch Hunt for them, in such a way that it’s very plain where it actually originated, they won’t understand the origin of the sudden Outburst. And Maybe not even then.
The Origin of the Fake Hysteria is always obvious when one observes who benefitted by it, on a Macro level. Was one event destroyed only to have another created just in time to benefit from this? Was one leader elected in the wake of a Witch Hunt of another one? The Beneficiary of the Abuse, who “heroically steps up to the plate to fill the gap of the destroyed Other”, is Always the Origin. These people have learned how to trigger just the right individuals in the midst of the group - Often those clearly teetering on the edge of Sanity and barely holding themselves together for day to day life, to start the Social Tornado which then takes on a life of it’s own and sweeps the area with disasterous results. That person maintains a magnanimous front, and seems to provide a replacement for the thing or person that has just been destroyed. Invariably the replacement they are providing is far worse than the preexisting Target - Narcissistically organized through and through, because it was designed by a Narcissist or is a Narcissist, who is not capable of genuine creativity but only aping with poor results, the previous Target’s work. The Narcissist designs the offering to benefit themselves primarily, therefore their offering is not designed to truly benefit the Community, and cannot be, due to the lack of Creativity and Intelligence in the Narcissitic Brain. But now that the community members have “dirtied their hands” and participated in the previous destruction of the Target, they become “Emperors New Clothes” obtuse and refuse to admit that they have done something terribly wrong and replaced something great with something of Shoddy Design.
  1. A Golden Child who is far worse than a targeted Scapegoat in every way - yet is upheld as the most valued member of the family in order to abuse the Scapegoat
  2. A Business that runs far worse and provides far less than the original Business that was targeted and driven out of business, that the community participated in starving and depriving of deserved customers
  3. A politician who is far more Corrupt than the other politician they took out with a Witch Hunt
  4. A work of art far Uglier and designed with far less Skill and technique, than a former work of art that the Public attacked and destroyed

In order to keep Cultural Treasures in place, ordinary Citizens have to be extremely resistant to any type of manipulation of the Public by seeming “Authority Figures” who first create Hysteria and then step in with a Replacement for something they previously enjoyed, which was actually working and doing a good job for them. They must strive to heal family and cultural wounds/CPTSD caused by being forced to develop in terrible upbringings and abusive Religions, Families and Schools, that allows them to have a Hysterical On/Off Switch that Alpha Narcissists can just show up in their lives and suddenly Trigger, either directly or indirectly, regardless of if they’ve known the Target their whole lives but they’ve only known the Alpha Narcissist for a comparatively short time. They must resist being swept up into Witch Hunts and intensely question their motives in possibly enjoying such terrible Situations, and strive to see the real motivations, usually Money and Power for the Disruptor, behind the cause of their sudden and irrational emotions that have no place in an Orderly Society (In other words - STOP being a Tool.)