Sunday, December 27, 2009


After some thought, we have decided to move ABSOLUTION to UC87 (87 Ludlow St @ Delancy) permanently. FONTANAS has very obvious advantages such as being a rock club and having a wonderful staff and atmosphere. But they have a lot going on. When we had to switch venues at 8:30pm the night of the party because of a schedule mixup and UC87 took us no questions asked, we decided to make the change. UC87 is an amazing dance space downstairs and has some advantages like the free parking lot across the street, cool lighting and great staff. We also get to start at normal club hours instead of waiting for bands to get offstage. So, to recap: Just as we had decided to make FONTANAS our home, UC87 saved the day so we decided to make them our permanent home instead. The last party we will have at FONTANAS will be New Years Day.

We are holding true to our weekly schedule, and it is slowly building into what a true Gothic nightclub event should be. We were very surprised to see that NYCs Goth/Industrial scene had disintegrated into fragments of nights, such as "first Tuesdays" or "every other Thursdays" or some such. We don't believe that is a proper club event. The truth is, almost anyone could do a monthly or bimonthly event because they are so easy, and such events do not contribute enough to building a proper scene. They are for dilettantes, students or people who are not serious about music and nightlife or do not have time or do not want to make time in their lives to make a proper effort.

We are also holding true to pure Gothic/Industrial music and theme. We do not drift toward hipster influenced sounds, number one because the sound is boring and number two because that would not be doing a true Gothic/Industrial night. Not every year produces good Goth/Industrial music, so just keeping up with the latest is not enough in our opinion. Is what you're playing actually entertaining? In addition, we are using intelligent, sophisticated images and not underestimating our audience with childish, grotesque or dumbed-down images and words.


One of the most dishonorable things a person can do is use intellectual property belonging to someone else. This is very, very looked down upon by people from all walks of life. Can't you have your own ideas? If someone else has used an event name, it is not acceptable for another promoter to use it later on. As with any artist, originality goes hand in hand with respect. A real artist does not regurgitate things he has seen and heard other artists doing verbatim in a monkey-see, monkey- do fashion.


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