Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are...

More and more weekly parties are joining the roster of weekly parties in NYC. Slowly, the nightlife is waking up after the long sleep of the past couple of years. As I always like to say these days, there is a whole generation of Twilight watchers who are just waiting to become part of a Gothic Society. It's true- as much as people don't like to admit it, shows like Twilight, or in past years, RPGs like Vampire The Masquerade act as gateways into the Gothic Industrial scene.

I love the weekly party I promote with Jason, ABSOLUTION, which happens at UC87, 87 Ludlow St each and every Friday night. Hearing the newer DJs get better and better at delivering their sets and seeing more and more new faces in the door is great. Who knew that ABSOLUTION would function so well as a weekly party? It used to be intermittent. But at no other time has Manhattan's Goth/Industrial scene needed a party like this one to be every week as much as right now. Now there is a place where you can go each week and hear real Gothic Industrial music and not watered down NIN ridden sets or Hipster influenced songs.

ABSOLUTION has been stimulating other parties into being. I was very pleased that our friend Charles(DJ Charlie the Slut) decided to do a reunion of his party SANCTUARY. I'd like to think that getting him out to do ABSOLUTION a few times got him in the mood:) Weekly parties have always been known to feed people to the monthlies as well. Weekly parties make patrons at four times the rate of a monthly party, stabilizing the scene and getting people interested.

Now there is a weekly infrastructure to the Goth Industrial scene- LA PETITE MORT Tuesday @ HAPPY ENDING, ABSOLUTION Friday @ UC87, and DEFCON Saturday @ Pyramid. Soon we will see great things coming into being. It's now worth it for someone who is very into Goth/Industrial culture to move to the city, because they can be reasonably assured of having a rich club life. After all, that's the reason I myself wanted to come here. I've actually seen people move from Brooklyn to Jersey just to be closer to QXTS. It makes sense- people need weekly meetings to reinforce their values and commune with kindred spirits. Just ask AA or NA, or the Christian church. A weekly schedule is as old as time.Search for gothic metal

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