Thursday, March 29, 2012

What CAN you do?

In order to keep a wonderful underground event running, a community must participate together. They have to decide that it's something they believe in and would like to have around.

But there are a lot of people who are kind of bogged down with work, family, other sorts of issues, etc. They wish the community well, but they feel that they just can't participate because they don't have the available time and energy they used to- or maybe they've just become numb to not having the variety of wonderful events in their city these days and a kind of helplessness has set in.

Instead of saying "I can't", why don't we decide what we CAN do? Here is a list of things you can do to help even if you can't go:

1) share the event on your facebook page with a nice recomendation- only takes a minute.

2) take a few flyers when you are at the event and leave them in a place where other like minded people may see them

3) forward the website to friends who might like to go, or who are looking for something to do when they visit

4) word of mouth- a nice buzz about the event is always appreciated

5) donate an old black T-Shirt to the collection of T-shirts we keep for people who didn't know about the dress code but still want to come in

6) do the old fashioned thing and CALL a friend who might want to go to tell them about it:P

7) if you can't make it every week, maybe you can make it once or twice a month.

8) think good and positive thoughts about the event. There are some people who are bitter about not being able to go out right now and then proceed to badmouth all nightclubs and events. Don't succomb to negative thinking. Other people still have yet to meet friends, significant others and inspiring people and make their own memories and they NEED these events. And you never know, one day soon, YOU may need the event too, so be kind and positive.

A conversation with a wonderful friend recently confirmed for me what I have always known instinctively - partying is a practice like Yoga- it's something that takes work to achieve and enjoy. It's a sociable state of mind that allows you to have fun in a group. It doesn't always "flow" right away, you have to relax and get through the awkward moments in order to get to the "sweet spot" where you really start to enjoy yourself. Don't give up on a night if you show up and don't have fun AT FIRST. Just relax, sip on your drink or soda or whatever, and give the night a chance to grow on you.

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