Saturday, February 24, 2018

NYC's "Goth" Scene EXPOSURE

*Exposure* - why does Narc Island's (Manhattan's) "Goth" scene suck huuuuuge, huge Donkey Dicks? Because it's crawling with Narcs, of course. Good event producers have dropped it like a maggot infested potato, and the Narcs that infest the center have now strip mined almost everything good that is in there and turned it to shite (to get kudos without having to do any real work). So what is happening now? These same Narcs have used up anything good where they are and Strip Mined it all to Hell and back so they can't get any more good Narcissistic Supply out of it. So they are going to approach producers and bands from other areas and attempt to get co-production deals, DJ support deals and so forth - based on what? The "good" job they've done in Manahttan? Event Producers/Bands - BEWARE of Narcs from Manhattan attempting to "work with you", "support" you, etc - these people are bringing with them the Narc/Sociopath/Cluster B problems that have rotted out Manhattan, and YOU are not prepared for it. First, EDUCATE yourself on Cluster B Disorders - that is essential for anyone who wants to work with people for a living. BEFORE you work with someone or give them social kudos and thanks, INVESTIGATE ****EXACTLY**** WHAT they have done in Manhattan. Setting up a Monthly event just isn't good enough, because anyone with a little bit of money can just pay for that and keep it going even if it attracts the most foul Narc/Sociopath cronies and hardly anybody else, and loses money. Then they will try to DEFEND this embarrassment by conducting a smear campaign on good, real producers who ARE willing to work hard and do bands every week, and so forth - therefore rotting their own scene so they can be the top of the shit pile. The truth is, a Monthly party is an embarrassment because literally anyone can do them - the mark of a true, serious event producer that benefits any social group is a WEEKLY OR MORE event (2,3 times a week). YES, this is absolutely possible and done all over the world. If a producer is sitting back losing money just putting on a monthly event and then claims he is "helping" - he is lying to you. In addition, anyone who signs a co-production deal with any of these Narcs and then suddenly finds themselves in the middle of a smear campaign - well, you can be very sure of where it came from. It's your new "friend", trying to scoop your own event out from under you or destroy it JUST so they can get a few more people to come to their lousy event. STOP falling for the tactics, you've got to recognize them and isolate who the person is doing it and go NO CONTACT. BANDS - if there is a "promoter/producer" and they only do 2 actual shows a year in Manhattan, you should not "thank" them for anything, they are rotting out the scene in Manhattan and therefore damaging it in the eyes of the world that looks to Manhattan for inspiration, and making YOUR job harder. RESEARCH what this person actually does instead of blindly giving them Narcisstic Supply by thanking them, feeling all special that they are "helping" you - you are falling into a trap when you do that, you are helping someone who is actually harming you.

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