Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ABSOLUTION goes Weekly!

ABSOLUTION has been up and running since July 4th Weekend, and I am happy to report that our customer base is now large enough to switch from every other week to weekly. This is exciting because it will be the first weekly gothic event in Manhattan since the defunct Albion. Note- there is one other weekly event currently in Manhattan of interest to Goth/Industrial club patrons- DefCon Saturdays at The Pyramid Club which plays mostly Industrial.

The main problem with going weekly for most Goth/Industrial events in Manhattan has been the lack of a venue that will allow it to operate on such a frequent schedule. After the nightlife economy in Manhattan was devastated by the twin evils of Mayor Giuliani and 9/11, it never quite recovered. I feel that this is due to Mayor Bloomberg's continuation of Giuliani's anti-nightlife policies. Therefore nightclubs in Manhattan, faced with rising rents and endless tickets, can only devote lucrative Friday and Saturday nights to topics which are guaranteed to make large amounts of money such as House, Hip-Hop(shudder), etc. This requires flexibility and creativity on the part of the Goth/Industrial promoter who would offer a weekly weekend event.

We have decided to solve this problem and provide you, the club patron, with a weekly event by switching from venue to venue but remaining weekly. As ABSOLUTION gathers a customer base, it becomes more and more attractive to owners who are more likely to give it back to back slots at the same venue. This is a very interesting experiment which seems to be working quite well- I've received positive comments from patrons expressing their delight in seeing a new space every other week. It couldn't have happened to a better party:)


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