Thursday, June 17, 2010


Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce that ABSOLUTION is now ready for the next phase of expansion. Starting next week on Friday June 25th, we will now occupy two floors at club UC87, corner of Ludlow and Delancy in the LES. The upper floor will be 80s New Wave and Synthpop spun by myself, DJ Xtine and various guests while the downstairs will continue to be our most excellent cast of NYCs finest Goth/Industrial DJs all taking turns to entertain you throughout the evening. I'm sure you will find this to be a most fortunate turn of events, as it will be the first time an NYC Goth/Industrial nightclub has enjoyed two floors on a weekly basis since the defunct ALBION. We hope you will enjoy this experience, as we have done our utmost to bring it together for you.

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  1. To the Second poster, whoever you are since you have chosen not to reveal your profile: This excuse has been made by hobby promoters to not give NYC a weekly Goth/Industrial night. A weekly party is filled with quality because it gathers patrons, artists who want to perform, etc. 4 times as fast as a monthly, twice as fast as a bi weekly. Being weekly does not decrease but instead increases quality.

    Those in NYC who have chosen to try to supress weekly parties have caused most of the patrons to leave the Goth/Industrial scene of NYC, which is proven by the fact that at the point when the largest nites closed(weeklies), about a thousand to fifteen hundred people attended these parties per week. When we returned, that number had dwindled down to a couple hundred at most. Yes- well over a thousand people per week had been lost to other scenes or other interests. So you see, they were not being attracted to the supposed "quality" that is provided by having infrequent, irregular parties. What a poor business model!

    Weekly = specialists = quality.

    irregular(monthly or bi-weekly = hobby promoters = not good enough to keep patrons interested = scene gets decimated by specialists in other scenes who ARE keeping up their chops by doing weekly events


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