Thursday, July 8, 2010


Living very close to Manhattan NYC and owning an event production business can be both rewarding and challenging. I've had to learn to define exactly what it is that I need from myself and other people in various situations, and communicate these things effectively in such a way that I can get the point across.

I've learned that there are really only three types of people I am interested in hearing from in relation to my event production business.

1) fans of my work who like to come to my events and performances, and cheer me on!

2) owners of venues and other places of business who are interested in having me and my associates come work for and with them

3) owners of related businesses such as clothing, jewelry, internet sites, etc who would like to form a friendly relation in order to encourage mutually beneficial business

If you own a small event production business and you intend to criticize or give input into the way I am doing business right now, I am not interested in hearing from you. You do not have the right to give input about when or how often I do my events, who I choose to work with or not work with, how my decisions may or may not affect my business, etc. You especially do not have the right to come up and start voicing your opinions to me while I am performing as a DJ or getting ready to perform, etc. or when I am on my time off, relaxing at a neutral location. Do I come up to anyone else when they are performing or relaxing and start saying these things?

Let's take a moment today to think about what is and is not appropriate.

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