Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spinning in NYC, Schoolgirl Style...

I dressed up as a schoolgirl to DJ for this Fetish party in NYC, courtesy of FIXE MAGAZINE. Thankfully there was a barrier between the DJ and the crowd, because some Fetish guys were trying to get back there! Sorry guys, I'm not a Domme but a Musician!

The Fetish scene has been on a steady decline since the days of MOTHER, and I think the all-time low was when an elderly gent tried forcefully in a very entitled way to get me to turn the music down because it was bothering his hearing aid! Are you kidding me? This is a Fetish party in the East Village of Manhattan, NYC, not a retirement home. If you're geriatric it's time to turn in your thong, LOL!

What happened to the days of "cerebral nightlife", a phrase coined by the genius impresario Chi Chi Valenti of Mother? Let's see some intelligent themes and haute glamour pumped back into the Fetish scene.

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