Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NERGAL of BEHEMOTH has Leukemia

I have just found out, belatedly, that NERGAL, the lead singer of Polish Blackened Death Metal band BEHEMOTH, has been diagnosed with Leukemia.

I only had the opportunity to meet NERGAL once, after his concert at NYC's Irving Plaza in 2007. He graciously explained to me where he gets the Bibles to destroy in his concerts(used book stores), about the huge metal double-headed Eagles he had onstage during the show(an artist friend makes them), and the best place to order statues of Sumerian Gods and Goddesses(online). NERGAL, thank you for answering my fannish questions, and get better soon! Our thoughts are with you in NYC!

Here is a message from NERGAL about his illness:


Some of my favorite BEHEMOTH pics:

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  1. sad - i don't think most of us take care enough care of our bodies whilst we're on tour... too easy to eat conveniently


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