Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From a Distance- Moving into 2011!

What a wild year we've had!  We have accomplished many goals that were previously being said to be impossible(although we knew from many years experience that they were not, in fact, impossible at all), such as creating a weekly Goth/Industrial club event.  We've had some ups and downs, and incredible progress.  Galvanizing the Goth/Industrial scene into action has been a great pleasure to me.  Even on the worst days when you have seen me with a stressed out look on my face, hair askew and not in the best outfit(or, can I even say it?  Sneakers!:/), it has been an honor, a pleasure, and so inspiring to bring such a beautiful art form back to the City of New York on a weekly, weekend basis.

What we have done has made things easier for all producers and patrons of Goth/Industrial music events by increasing the frequency of the events in NYC and therefore the interest and fan base.   By "defending the borders" and highlighting the differences between what we like and what other music and fashion fans like,  we made it so that people were aware of these differences and could therefore make a conscious choice to be in our category- and "represent" as the case may be, LOL!

I want to dedicate this song to those who felt unnecessarily threatened last year by our progress(there are always a couple of those).  We knew and were prepared for this by our years of experience, but that never makes this process any easier emotionally.  We want those people to know that they are in our hearts, and a candle is always burning in the window to light their way back to us, a drink always poured and set for them at the table.  We care for them more than they know.

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"From a distance, you look like my friend... "

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