Monday, May 2, 2011


Spring is finally here, and I am grateful that here in NYC we are getting a real spring this time instead of slamming from really cold to really hot like some years.

ABSOLUTION's dance party, ATLANTIS, has been rolling right along and to our delight we meet new and interesting people every week along with our regulars. We have a really wonderful cast of characters there who's company I greatly enjoy. Our special events like the upcoming PALE QUEEN'S BALL are exciting and fun.  And we do a Saturday from time to time like our INCANTATION party. I will also be DJing at QXT's DJ DIVA WEEKEND on Saturday May 14, 2011. Good times.

We've been enjoying some great places to eat for a special occasion treat like the much beloved ZUM SCHNEIDER, HEIDELBERG which has even better and more authentic German food, and a great Belgian Beer Bar called VOL DE NUIT. We also like RADEGAST HALL in Williamsburg, on nights where there is no ompa-ompa band playing, lol!

I have decided to get into a business that I have long patronized, an online pagan oriented products store.  I am always looking for oils, candles, new decks of  Tarot and other cards, blank books and so forth. I know of so many good ones by now that I decided to start sharing them with all of you.  So therefore keep your eyes open in the future for THE WHITE RAVEN, a new place to go shopping for pagan stuff you enjoy- or just ogle it online, lol:) It's not ready yet, but check back.  THE WHITE RAVEN is coming!

Thanks so much, dear readers, for keeping life in the community of NYC.   Bands, parties, stores, restaurants or just hanging out- let's keep our community a great place to be!

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