Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy and Productive

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I wrote a new blog.  I've been obsessed with our new ABSOLUTIONNYC SITE and haven't been paying attention to the blog.  I kind of miss the simplicity of this little blog after operating a site like the one we have now.

I don't want to disappoint you gossip hounds, but there really isn't anything new to report other than our parties are going well, are a lot of fun and are a joy to put on.  Thank you everyone!  Keep an eye open for ABSOLUTION PRODUCTION'S Goth/Industrial themed shows and parties at many venues and nights of the week in 2011 as we expand our number of productions and the quality of the acts we are booking. 

It has been challenging but wonderful running a full scale production company once again.  In the past year my partner and I updated our list of patrons, learned the "lay of the land" of available venues again(it changes each year in a living, changing city like Manhattan) and learned which bands and acts were ready and available now.  There was a lot of "dead wood" to clear away, and chaff to separate from good grain.  We also had to do a fair bit of educating people about the basics once again.  Thankfully, that period is over- the foundation of the NYC Goth/Industrial nightlife scene is to the point in development that your free lessons are over.  From now on you may inquire on the tab above labeled BOOKING XTINE about my Consultancy Fee if you want more info, LOL!  (that was a joke, for you humorously impaired out there).  There are some(I can think of one in particular) who is willing to offer advice, who has "come about" during a vaccuum - for those who take such advice, caveat emptor, and Good Luck.

Thank you to the many wonderful patrons who have been coming out weekly.  There may be a Recession on, but nobody told them, lol!  I see so many faces returning again and again, and new people who crop up after finding us on the Web or through our ads.  I think they are seeking our party for relief FROM the Recession, which is how it is supposed to be.  A Time that is not a Time, a Place that is not a Place, a Day that is not a Day. 

I like it when people say "I met my boyfriend/girlfriend at your party!" or "I had the best conversation there the other night" or even "did you see what that guy/girl did?" That is the whole purpose behind it all IMO.  Weaving the fabric of community and reality.  That, and watching the crowd move like a many-headed and -limbed beast to the music, feeling the air get hot from all the dancing, and swirling fog like London pea-soup:).  It's Magic.


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