Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Turn of the Wheel

Sept. 15th will mark another Birthday for me on the calendar.  This past year has shown a lot of manifestation of ideas that were started for me in 1997.  Creating a Nightclub, Music and DJing, Singing and has has come to fruition in this past Year.  This was also my first year with my wonderful partner Jason. The years just get sweeter and sweeter as they come and go.  Did I say it was easy?  No, No, No.  Some days I have felt like I can barely go on.  However, now more than ever before, I am working my Will.  I think that young people who fear their middle years should take heart- there is nothing to fear and everything to gain!

I have a unique horoscope:

As you can see I've got some major planets like the Sun, Mercury and Mars in the Eighth House which, with it's Pluto and Scorpio associations is the House of Sex, Death and Regenration.  In the rest of the chart, I've got some other major planets which are Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio.  At this rate, I should be an honorary Scorpio even though my Sun sign is Virgo.

 Any Astrologers, Pychics, Tarot readers, etc. who would like to give me the gift of a reading of the coming year for my Birthday, please feel free!  I love Astrology almost as much as I love Divination.

I will be celebrating my Birthday this year at ABSOLUTION, I'd love to see you all there!  Here is the invite:

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